Worth & Mind ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~Worth

In this beautiful journey of life we meet many people and we give them certain things like our love, care, concern, the right to hurt us and worth. Yes. We decide a place for that person based on which we decide their worth in our lives. Isn’t that why sometimes we exclaim in anger ‘ S/he is simply not worth it!’. But do we realise what we are worth? Just like all those people we also have our own worth, though we seldom realise this. We are responsible for the way people treat us or behave with us and that helps determine our worth.

There is a very line of demarcation between self respect and ego, because of which we sometimes get confused whether we are being egoistic or is it really beyond our self respect. It is not wrong to put your foot down and say ‘enough’ when it seems to strangulate your self-respect. 

I was a person always associated with an inferiority complex. There are various reasons for that like this. I had happily accepted that and never made an attempt to change it, till I read a book by Osho.He has mentioned in that book - There is nothing known as superiority complex at all. People who suffer from this are actually the ones who fake this attitude to hide their insecurities. And the ones who have an inferiority complex are the ones who are confident and happy about their own self. They know their true worth but are tagged as inferior for reasons unknown. What a profound thought! 

I thought a lot and concluded he is right after I spoke to few of my friends whom I had considered as having superiority complex. They confessed that they were insecure and always felt shallow about themselves; hence the pretence. Since that day I don’t resent / admire people with superiority complex. I only feel bad for them as they are yet to realize their true worth.

Lesson Learnt :Never let anyone trample yourself respect. Whenever in doubt take a deep breath, smile and remember L’Oreal’s tag line – Because you are worth it. Say this to yourself to remind what you truly deserve!
PEPPER ~ This week ~ Mind

Every time you meet someone the person will have two responses – Either it will be a compliment or criticism. Imagine a day when you are all decked up prettily and your mirror replicates your thoughts. You feel very confident as you go to party and receive lots of compliments almost from everyone except one. 

That one person walks up to you and says, ‘Yaar…what is this you are wearing? It does not suit you at all…. You know your body structure is pear shaped and…’ You cannot hear beyond that as your confidence is punctured. Why so? Why cannot you think of all the people who complimented you? Why out all the things you heard this evening you choose to remember only this one harsh thing while you had the option of remembering some 100 beautiful things?

This is human psyche. We mind things which we should not and don’t mind things we should. I agree there is a slight chance the critic could be genuine but there is also a possibility that it could be due to various factors like jealousy and hatred. With such skewed ratio that is definitely a possibility. But we never think like that, because our minds have been programmed like that. We need to believe in ourselves and not let such people ruin our beliefs. The road on this journey of life is full of people who seem to be moving around in road rollers waiting to trample people like us at any given opportunity. It’s high time that rather than being punctured by them we puncture them just by not minding their nonsensical comments at all. Time for some re-programming?

Lesson Learnt : Let our minds be like beautiful photo albums ; capturing some of the most  beautiful memories of our lives rather than making it a visitors book where everyone and anyone leaves a mark.

P.S:One confession - Though I have written this today here I am still trying to implement it 100% in my life too.


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