Dedicated to LIFE

Life is the greatest teacher in this world! This is the only teacher who takes an exam first and then teaches us the lesson rather than the conventional schools where we are taught first and then asked to give exams. Maybe this is what makes it more mystic and alluring. We might forget some of the things we are taught in the school, but we never forget what we learn in life through our own experiences. 

Time and again there has been so much written on life but still it remains one of the biggest mysteries we have ever come across. The more you seem to know it the more enigmatic it becomes. It changes colours very frequently expecting us to keep up with its pace. Some of us are able to, while some of us lose out in the race. The age old Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’ still applies to it till date. Sometimes we chase it, and sometimes it chases us to make us reach our goals.

So here’s to you- LIFE – Cheers!! 

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Wishing happy teachers’ day to the most wonderful teacher I could have ever had. One who has hit Me when I have been wrong, hugged Me when I have been triumphant , held Me when I wanted to cry and tickled Me to make me laugh; but never ever ceased the teaching!

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