Saying Good-bye is very painful, but sometimes that is the only option you are left with. Because as you look back you cannot recognize the path that brought you here any more. The paths have changed , the have goals changed and somewhere amidst all these, you have changed!
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Silently as I walk away from my past; I hear someone call my name.
I see you standing there waiting for me as if since ages.
Did the night mare end? I doubt as I trace back my steps towards you.
I was living in a cocoon till now as I engulfed myself with your love and warmth.
I would have never wanted to trade that place for anything on this earth.
In those arms of yours, I felt finally I was at home. But it was not destined to be.
I was rendered homeless as you threw me out of our life.
I crawled back many times only to be pushed again and again.
The agony and the pain seemed unbearable each time as I tried to crawl back 
And…in the end, the pain won. It perished the cocoon around to conjure a stronger me.
I soared higher and higher in the sky with my newly found strength; breaking all the shackles that were tearing my soul; only to hear you beckoning me.
Shall I or Shall I not? My heart seems to debate with each beat.
Suddenly my soul lets out a scream, ‘No..oooo. The anguish of the journey from a cocoon to a butterfly is colossal, but there is no road back from there. The only way is ahead.’
Good bye Love!

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