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'All is well that ends well ',said my favourite author Shakespeare.Finally yet another year comes to end, though on a very sad note. 2012 has been more or less like a roller coaster for each one of us – personally, professionally and now nationally. This has made us think about things we never thought before and look at things with a different perspective altogether. It left us a bit shaken, hurt, moved, and angry but more than anything else it left us with hope- hope that tomorrow will be a new day, a new beginning towards a better world for each one of us.
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And as it is said, " What appears to be an end could actually mean a new beginning." I strongly believe in signals from above. As everything around turned gloomy I could not help but feel upset. That is when God decided to show me that there are some things in life I can still smile about by bestowing me with an award.
This one has been given to me by Anjan who blogs @ Anjan roy’s vision imagination. He blogs on various topics related to love and life in a very beautiful and touching manner. I love reading his posts only for the way they tug my heart and leave me with lot of warmth. Thank you so much for this Anjan, nothing could have been a better way to end a year which has showed me so much! 

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Now as per the rules I am supposed to share 11 things about me. For starters it’s too difficult to talk about Me anytime but a rule is a rule right?  Well as I have already shared many before hence I am skipping this part. So we come to the answering part where Anjan has asked few questions to Me:
  • One thing about your personality that you hate the most?
I am very emotional as a person. I get attached very soon and sometimes to unworthy people who misuse this. I don’t mind getting attached and loving them, but I don’t like the hurt I feel when they misuse thing as it means somewhere I expected some things from them in return, which is wrong. I want to cease expecting to cease the hurt I get.
  • If given a chance to go back into your past…Name one thing you would change in your life
Nothing. I am practically very happy the way I am right now and everything that happened in my past (good or bad is a separate debate altogether) is responsible for that. So no changes!
  • If you were given just a day to live what’s the first thing you will do?
I don’t think it will be different than any other day for I live each day with this thought. I listen to my heart and do what is says. It could be eating ice cream, calling a long lost friend, saying I love you, hugging someone or just letting someone know how much they mean to me. I love giving surprises for life is one surprise itself.
  • What do you prefer the most Love or Friendship… please cite the reason?
I would say Friendship for love as a feeling has the ability to change with time. But with friendship always remains the same, it can only get stronger  with passage of time.
  • Name one characteristics of a person which will enable you to judge him/her (in terms of good or bad)?
Honesty. I simply cannot stand people who lie.
  • What’s the one thing that makes you smile?
Life! It’s so wonderful to be alive :)
  •  If you were born again what would you want to be?
Me – nothing other than this! Though on a lighter note I would love to be reborn as Shiamak Davar. I just adore the way he dances!
  • Will you want to spend all your life with someone who likes to be with you but doesn’t love you or someone who loves you but for some reasons ignores you?
According to me ignoring is the worst thing you can do to anyone. Hence of course I would choose the former than the later. I can survive on respect and liking rather than living with ignorance. That is something I cannot bear. Its my worst nightmare.
  • Most dreaded dream that you don’t want to come true?
I just said it above – being ignored!
  • What Life means to you in not more than 5 words.
Being on a never ending joyride
  • Name the most inspiring blog that you came across of late.
Though there are many blogs I look upto for various reasons but if I had to choose one then has to be Marc and Angel. These people have changed the way I look at things in more than one ways; many times I just go onto one of their websites to answer thought questions and know myself better. Being on their blog is like being on a train to an unknown destination where everything seems to be new and beautiful to know. They are truly a very huge inspiration for me and I aspire to be like them some day!

I would like to pass on this award to all the lovely fellow bloggers I have met in this year as I would like to know each one of you better through these questions. Ending the last post of this year with a heartfelt wish for all of us ~ AMEN <3
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