Painting Life

Source: Google Images

Holding a brush in my hand, I have a canvas before me, 
Pristine and serene body of white is all that I see.
How do I dye thee I ponder?
Envisaging beyond the thresholds letting it flow yonder.
My colourful palette is waiting to be daubed in elation
A riot of colours splashed across each for a mood in relation.
Untying a few knots in the stomach, trying to unleash new thoughts in my mind
So many options of every shape and every kind!
I wonder if you see yourself the way I see you
Beautiful and naive, surrendering yourself to be shaped the way I want to.

This is how I see life as. A blank canvas spread out before us, waiting to be coloured the way we want to as it surrenders itself into our hands. The options are various like abstract, modern art, nature etc but at the end its our choice to make it a masterpiece or not!

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