Turning the pages of life

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Life is a book with very interesting chapters in it. Some are lengthy, some are short, some are difficult, and some are easy, some cheerful while some are painful. Many times we are at the end of one chapter, about to begin another with mixed emotions as we don’t want to leave the known and venture into the unknown. However painful it might have been there is a solace that it was there which holds us back from turning the page to a new chapter. That is when we need to remember that if we don’t turn the page now, we might never complete the book of life. There might be chapters better or worse than this, but the fact remains that this chapter is over. There is nothing more that you can do than just stand and stare at what had been or move on, turn the page and see what lies ahead.

I turn the page and move on today as I am about to begin a new chapter in my life.

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"I leave behind a trail of footprints some seen and unseen.
Embarking on an unknown journey with a heart so keen." 

The last few chapters of this book have been exceptionally rewarding. Rewarding in terms of the lessons they left me with. It has helped me unearth a few truths of life. Some I knew, some I did not but overall in more than one ways, it is like coming of age for me. Life shows its various forms to each one of us at different stages. Today I stand at this threshold and see yet another enticing form of life beckoning me. At the same time I also need to remember all that I learnt, for they will help me pave the way further. I learnt: 
  • It is very easy to make someone smile; it is very difficult to please someone.
  • Sometimes there are no reasons for people to lie. They lie because they want to. Period.
  • We don’t get attached because we need to we do but because we want to. We have our own reasons and the day those reasons vanish nothing else remains.
  • The main key of our relationships is based on two things – holding on and letting go – the most important thing being to know what to do when.
  • To know your worth in someone’s life is perhaps the most difficult task in this world.
  • In trying to be good to everyone, sometimes we tend to become bad to ourselves.
  • All the people we meet in our life teach us something. Some teach us the “Dos”, some teach us the “Don’ts”.
  • Some relationships in life come with an expiry date. Accept it. For keeping them longer than that is hazardous.
  • Loving someone is a reason enough for that person to hurt you.
  • Life is a never ending process of learning, unlearning, growing up, forgiving, forgetting, remembering, teaching, loving, caring, fighting, crying, laughing for it………. just goes on.
  • It is ok to make mistakes. It is ok to take some wrong decisions. It is ok to meet some wrong people. It is ok to be hurt. It is ok to fall as long as you get up to start once again. It is all ok for that is the way you learn as life does not come with an instruction manual.
  • All the people you meet are a wonderful part of this journey called life. But they are just a “part” and not the “journey” itself. They might come and they might go, only to let new ones come. Come whatever may, the journey should not stop.

These are the 12 truths of life, 2012 left me with. As I move ahead I leave behind any excess baggage and carry the two most important things for survival - hope and love. Hoping that in the end it will all seem worthwhile and loving every moment that I live. 

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"I burn my past today to see; how the phoenix of my present will rise from thee"

With this I put the final nail in the coffin and bury the remnants deep down somewhere, never to be brought up again. As this is the only way to treat the dead. RIP!

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