All's fair in a game (Flash Fiction)

Kashish entered her drawing room and looked around with pride. Her house was very tastefully decorated. She grasped her latest Italian piece of art tightly as she strode towards the lounge where she wanted to display it. From the corner of her eye she noticed her son and husband sitting on the couch busy meddling with something. She smiled and placed her prized possession on the wall. 

Move it to your right… little bit…” She heard her husband say. “ must not be aligned properly “ she thought as she moved it to her right.“Arre… not that much. You spoiled it…. move it to your left now..”She moved it towards the left and stepped back to admire her choice.

What have you done…..just remove it from there right now…” she was shocked when she heard this but still decided to remove the picture. When she heard a big scream ”SHHHHHHHHUUUUUUCCCCKKKKSS” which startled her so much that she dropped that art piece breaking it into pieces. She turned around seething with anger “What happened………..What made you scream like that?” ‘Oh….we lost the game!” her son and husband replied in unison sounding disappointed as they flashed the video game to her.

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