Wishful thinking!

One of my favourite author Preeti Shenoy’s 4th book The Secret Wishlist is about to release and just like last time she is giving creative prompts on her blog urging us to write on them.This took me down the memory lane when last year around the same time I had participated in this and made some wonderful blogger friends. 

It was truly a magical experience how within few weeks how we all had become like a small family – sharing and caring. So here’s my attempt to that prompt wishing for more such magic to happen:

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 "Beware what you set your heart upon. For it shall surely be yours."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today in the prompt we have been asked to list the three things I badly wish I could have....my answer would be:
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There comes a stage in life where the only thing clear is confusion. When the very base on which you have been standing till now seems shaky. That is when we need to remember that there are few things in our life which are beyond our purview. We cannot do anything about them but our heart simply refuses to understand that and continues to mull over it. While on the other there are many things within our reach but we are unable to do anything about it because we are scared. It is a herculean task to recognize the things we can change and the ones we cannot.And that is reason why this prayer is so close to my heart. For it reminds me what I can do ,what I cannot and that I have my own limitations sometimes. I need to accept myself with those limitations and try to make the most of what I can do, rather than crib over what I cannot.

I am an eternal dreamer. One who dreams and wishes for those dreams to come true. By saying this I don’t mean all my wishes have come true till now but that does not deter me from wishing every time. I have various categories for them, some serious one which I share here and some quirky ones which are like this. My wishlist is endless as I keep wishing for something new each day. But today when I asked my heart this question I got this answer. I had fallen in love with this quote the first time I had read it some 3-4 years back. I make a conscious effort to remember this every time I am in trouble though I must confess there are times when I fret unnecessarily. I am sure at some point of time in our lives we all wish this as it helps us sail through our troubles easily.

And like I always like to say;

Make a wish, not because it will come true. But because it feels good to know what your heart wishes the most at that time!

So as yet another enticing year comes to an end, make a wish and listen to what you heart is saying this moment.
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 Happy Wishing and AMEN to all your lovely wishes!


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