A gift from the heart to another

Birthdays are the most beautiful occassions of our lives for they celebrate LIFE, and when they happen to be of your loved ones they become altogether more special!

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A very dear friend Gayu celebrated her birthday yesterday and as the occasion demanded it had to be  very special for her.  If someone were to ask me how did we become friends I perhaps have no answer, but then as it is said some of the best things in this world are best experienced and not just expressed. There are zillions of thoughts running in mind as of now, but the ones that I am able to grab are few things that I would want to tell her ~

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  • Everytime you shed a tear there is someone who wants to hold that in one hand and stop the other one from coming.
  • Everytime you smile someone wants to tickle you to multiply them.
  • Everytime you are sad, someone wants to hug you and say " This too shall pass"
  • Everytime you are hurt someone wants to find that person and beat him/her to pulp
  • Everytime you are upset someone wants to make the upside smile turn to real smiley.
  • Everytime you laugh, someone wants to freeze the moment just to grab it everytime.
  • Everytime you love, someone wants to build walls around to ensure that love stays unharmed as it is.
  • Everytime you wish something, someone wants to say AMEN quietly.
  • Everytime you feel lonely, someone wants to hold you tightly and whisper  I am here!
  • Everytime you are scared, someone wants to hold you hand and say Go ahead, I know you can do it.
  • Everytime you are ecstatic, someone wants to jump in the air with you to express exactly how it feels.
  • Everytime you are feeling low, someone wants to be the energy you need to come back with a roar.
And I promise to be that someone, forever! All the other things I want to say are captured beautifully in the pictures below :
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