Loss & Use ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Loss

Yet another loss today! I have lost the count of losses I have encountered till now. Emotional loss, mental loss, financial loss, subjective loss… the list is endless. But then amongst all of them the only loss that has always hit me the most has been loss of life.

Over all these years I have managed to endure all that comes my way with a smile, even today’s loss – though it was a HUGE one. For every time a loss occurs my mind goes back to the loss I had experienced of having lost a loved one, either to life or to death. And the moment I compare that I realize this pain is nothing.

All can come back. Money can be earned, books bought, dresses purchased, gifts chosen, letters re-written, houses remade, dreams re-woven, things re-found but what can never come back to you is the person who meant the world to you and is no longer with you. It could be a friend, a loved one, a lover, sibling, parents or anyone. And it is this loss that is perhaps the worst kind one can ever face in life. 

Lesson Learnt : May a heart never know what loss is; for in order to gain that lesson it will have to lose everything it has and still wonder if it was all worth it!

PEPPER ~ This week ~ Use

I have always believed that there are answers to every question in this world provided we are willing to listen because the answers come to us in various forms. 

Couple of years ago I had reached a stage in life where I was feeling terribly used by my near and dear ones.The only thing in my mind were questions and that too loads of them related to relationships and people whom we love or who claim to love us. At that time I happened to join a self help course not knowing that I will perhaps get here what I have been looking for till now.

At the end of the course there was a Q and A session. And imagine the first question discussed - I have been used by a lot of people and this makes me feel very bad about it. What should be I do about it?

The teacher just smiled and said " You should be glad you are useful, rather than some people whose whole life has been wasted being useless!"

That one answer changed the way I looked at being taken for granted and being used by people. Every time I shed a tear for such a person I used to look upwards towards the sky and ask why...why... and then quietly in His own way one day He sent me the answer!

Lesson Learnt: If you are being used, be glad about it. For there are millions wasting away their lives by being useless!

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