Metro Diaries - The last piece (Flash Fiction)

Shruti stared at her reflection in the mirror as if she was looking at some stranger. But that is how she felt off late, completely alienated from her own self. She no longer recognized herself leave alone connecting with it.

Perhaps when he left he took her real self along leaving behind someone she did not know. She had erased everything associated with him from her life and yet the remnants still surrounded her. An emptiness from deep inside which only made her more hollow was what was left with her. Suddenly she felt she was at a crossroads at life where the only thing clear was confusion and she did not know what to do. Why, she wanted to scream. Why did she have to choose life while he got to choose death. She opened her mouth to scream but no voice came out; what came out were only tears in abundance. Maybe her tears were the only left with her.... or.... there was something else to left with her.

"However much I tried to separate you from me I could not. I killed everything which was yours – including my heart. That’s when I realized that you have been within me all this while, the only piece of you which I cannot kill. “ she said placing her hands on her stomach. 

*-* -* -*-*

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