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Sometimes , you have to~

Stare your fears in their eyes; not to scare it away, but to show it you are worth the challenge.
Forgive and forget not because they deserve it but because you deserve it.
Mourn the loss not to display your weakness but because tears help you see things ahead clearly.
Let go of the past not to free yourself of the pain but as future has specified that in its invite.

Smile even when you don't want, not to prove anything but to remind yourself that you know how to do it. 
Take the plunge not because life is pushing you to but because there is no way going back from there.
Hold on for a bit longer, not for anybody else's sake but for your own sake.
Say I love you; not as you want them in your life. But just to let them know what they mean to you.

Fight your own battles; not to show what you are, but to know who you are
Fail not to experience it but to know there is something that can be better than this.
Love despite all that ugliness around, not because you have to live but because you have a heart.
Hug someone tightly not to hold them closer but because their touch makes you feel alive.

Stand up on your own after a fall, not to prove anything but to know your own strength. 
Make a choice not out of compulsion but because you don't have an option.
Say it hurts not to let everyone know about your hurt but to just save yourself from further hurt.
Believe its not about yesterdays, its about the todays and tomorrows not for anyone else but for yourself.

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