Inspired Inscribes - 24

AXE all the negativity from your life. Remember we are all like magnets. We attract what we are – so if we are negative we attract negative things, and if we are positive we attract positive things.

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Remember Life is like being on a swing….there are moments when you triumph and go up on the ladder of success while there are moments when you fall down only to rise again to another height….Just enjoy the ride and keep laughing even when you are coming down as it means that you are soon going to go up again!!! In life having met some good people and some bad people, every individual has a lesson to teach. Its like a story which begins with "Once upon a time" and ends with a moral. But somewhere down the lane, the morals are forgotten and so are the stories leaving only blank pages for new ones to be written again!!

I dont understand when after a bitter experience people say I cant love anymore or I cant trust anyone again. Meeting someone wrong in your life is like selecting a bunch of grapes out which few turned out to be sour. The question is - Do you stop eating grapes after that??

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Whenever in doubt, think about the possibility of it not happening at all. You will come to know what will result in more losses and that will make the decision easy for you!!!

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