I see you

Source: Google Images
Gazing at my reflection today I see myself the way you do -

Looking in my deep brown eyes behind those kohl lines I try to see those dreams you talk about,
The shine in them which you bring along reminds me of the star-studded skies we spend hours underneath;
Ruffling through my silky tresses I close my eyes to feel the naughtiness that lays within them
I wish to paint my lips red just like the rose petals you describe;
A smile adorns them just as I think about you.
My bangles tinkle along adding to the rhythm of my heartbeats..

Today I saw myself in the mirror just the way you do and all that I saw was YOU

P.S: This poem has been inspired by few lines from my favourite song - Aadam lu na badlu aadi nuvve kanpinchave nenne inka le nattu nilo karigochane! Roughly translated this means - In the mirror all that I could see was you instead of me as if I had ceased to exist and had melted into you. (Movie : Anandam)

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