Age & Truth~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Age

I love creating soap bubbles, giant wheel rides, chocolates, ice-creams, swings, rains, puddles and many other such things which garner unwanted attention most of the time.

I can still understand the attention, but when someone asks me - " Behave your age" or says " This all does not look good at this age" I like wonder if all these things came with an age tag.

You know something like those board games which come with age criterias like For Age 3-7. Does a giant wheel have any age bar or does enjoying rains, jumping in puddles need some minimum age limit.

For me these all are things which define joy for me as they denote simple pleasures of life. Why do I need an age to enjoy life is what I want to ask all these people? Isn't life supposed to be enjoyed all the time that I am alive?

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Lesson Learnt : Live, every moment that you have to the fullest and do all that your heart wants to do. Age is just another number like the weight and the bank balance in your account. At the end of the day what will matter the most is the memories you would have created till your last breath for that leave a smile on your face which nobody else can.

PEPPER ~ This week ~ Truth

On of my posts I was recently asked- Does true love exist?

Though taken aback in the beginning I could feel that a hurt and a broken heart was asking this question after having see love in its worst form.

Love for me was defined at the age of 14 when I read Romeo and Juliet for the first time. Since then the defination changed but the meaning always remained the same. I experienced my first heart break when I was 19 and it was shattering. It felt as if the world should come to an end along with me. And that is when a journey, inward to understand the real meaning of love began. 5 years later at the age of 24 I finally seemed to have found some solace within me. As I realised I am love. And true love exists in this world if I exist. It is an eternal truth.

Love need not mean something that someone does for you, it is something that you feel within you. If someone dies, do you stop believing in life? Then how can you stop believing in love just because someone does not love you the way you love them?

If the moment someone says love or you read something related to it and there is atleast one name that comes to your mind then yes - Love exists! For there is no true or false of it, it just simply does. And it does because you believe.

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Lesson Learnt: Love is perhaps the most wonderful meaning that can be given to our existence and questioning its existence is like questioning our very own existence.

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