An award to remember

It is said -
 Happiness is a choice which you need to make. Happiness  never chooses you, you choose it and when you do that it stays forever giving you new reasons everyday to smile.

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I love the way LIFE keeps sending some amazingly beautiful and unique reasons for me to smile. I have been bestowed by a beautiful Liebster Award by Parvathy who blogs at Silent Drizzle. Before I THANK YOU for this honour I would like to apologise for the delay in posting this one. I don't know how I just missed this thing, but then I am sure I can make up for it by telling you that IT came at the right time. THIS is my 500th post and it is dedicated to YOU :) Thank you so much!

I met Parvathy through some of my blog post I guess and got talking. She has been very encouraging through all her comments and has been an inspiration through her own writing as well. I love the interesting questions she has lined up for this award winners.And yes I love answering them for it makes me think, more than what I usually do. So here we go:


1. Why did you choose this name for your blog? 

As a teen I wanted to find a secret name for my diary ( blame it on Enid Blyton) and I had a thesaurus. I remember trying to find something that defined both privacy and the nonsense (for me it was complete sense though!!) I wanted to write there for hours before zeroing it on Privy Trifles. It means the private trifle things of life which otherwise would go unnoticed. Years later when it was time for a blog it didn't take me much time to take the same name forward.

2. Tell about a stranger who inspired you. 

Loads of them. The list is long. I believe each one of us is fighting a unique battle and we can learn atleast one such important lessons in survival from every one, lessons which will inspire us in our own battles.

3. Talk about 3 people in your life whom you can't survive without. 

Tough one! Has to be my brother and the two pillars of my life without whom I wouldn't have been what I am.

4. What are the habits of certain people that piss you off the most? 

Lies, arrogance, pretence and attitude - I dislike people who believe they are above others.

5. 3 Things you wish never existed. 

CSA, Infidelity and jealousy/greed.

6. Talk of your 5 silly obsessions.

  • I am a cleanliness freak. For me everything has to be prim and proper all the time. Even in a hotel room.
  • I love shoes - all colours, shapes, sizes and I can never have enough of them.
  • I need to have music around me all the while (24*7- the hours I sleep
  • I am very meticulous. Every thing has a predefined place in my room / cupboard/drawer and I spend sleepless nights if one thing is not in order, something as trivial as a pen is enough!
  • I see my blog / FB page first thing in the morning after I wake up. I somehow am too much in love with them!

7. If you get to be any celebrity, who would it be? 

That I don't know but if I get to meet I would want to meet Paulo Coelho and ask him to adopt me!!!!!!  So technically yes the celebrity I would want to be is his daughter, Ms. Coelho sounds cool :)

8. What is that one event that changed your life forever? 


9. Talk of the weirdest thing you have done. 

Almost had a bone breaking fall while trying the Laa Laa (Liril Ad) stunts at the real location!

10. What is the favorite post of yours from your blog? 

There are some which I have listed here with a lot of difficulty as it is difficult for a mother to choose her favourites between her own children.

11. Your take on me/ my blog.

I admire your straight from the heart writing a lot, it is something that very few people can do, touch hearts and make them smile. Keep spreading smiles :)

I have always nominated various bloggers and loved knowing them more, but this time this award is to each and every blogger who stops by. Please consider yourself nominated and take this forward on your blog. If nothing else this will surely ensure some smiles as you try to think about the answers for these questions.

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