Precarious Love

~The lost part of my soul~ 

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It seems as if its ages I have slept properly, my heart yearns for you very badly. The day that begins with faint memories of our happy times together turns turbulent as the day draws to an end. By the time it is night the darkness of my life comes out more clearly. The loneliness around me engulfs me completely and gnaws every particle of life that exists within me. The day passes somehow or the other clutching those memories tightly but it is these nights which are the most painful for they just refuse to go away. 

Sadly, they don’t come along. They bring along an avalanche of pain, clouds full of tears and loads of heart aching memories along that at times make even surviving till the morning a question. But survive I do. Each time without fail. I fall asleep every night with no hope of waking up the day after and yet I surprise myself every morning. 

Truth be told, I miss you. I miss those smiles which would form at one sight of yours but I miss your smiles, more than mine for they would give me a reason to smile. I miss those giggles that we used to share on some of the most stupidest things of life. I miss those hugs you would give me for the biggest and the smallest of the reasons just to let me know how precious I am. It isn’t that I haven’t been hugged ever; it’s just that I have never been held that way ever. 

 I miss those moments when you would just look at me and there was no need for anything to be said. I could hear it all, feel it and understand it too. Your love for me transpiring through your veins would reach my heart making it melt like an ice cream! Oh how can I forget your hatred towards ice creams and yet the way you bore with them just for my sake. That look on your face after eating them, priceless! 

I miss listening to my voice in your name, as if it got its meaning every time you said it. I miss being called beautiful. Yes I know there are many people who would compliment me, but only you could actually make me feel so too and it is that feeling which I miss. I miss those arguments on those seemingly end of the world issues leading to huge fights resulting into us saying I am sorry to each other the whole night. 

I miss the feel of your being next to mine which always used to scream to me, “I belong to you”. I miss waking up to your voice every morning, I miss falling asleep talking to you. I miss waking suddenly in the middle of the night only to have you ruffle my hair, kiss my forehead and make me fall asleep again, safely in your arms. 

 I miss everything about you 
but most importantly I miss that part of me I left behind with you, 
without which I am incomplete. 

~Someone who was your life~

P.S: Today's prompt is to write a letter to someone whom you miss. I am linking this letter to Iwrite, Count Santulan's blog HERE. If you wish to know more or participate you can hop onto the link and see the other letter prompts for the days to come.

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