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Off late a lot of gratitude posts have been doing round on Facebook and yes I caught up with me too. First I thought of just writing it there but as everyday I began to think of what I was grateful for today I realized how many things have happened in the last few months that I did this exercise with myself. Life has it's own ways of sending beautiful reminders our way to just let us know what we have got. And that is what got me thinking since past few days. The above picture explains my current situation the best for that is how I am feeling after making this gratitude list.

A lot has transpired in the last few months , some good, some super good, some awesome, some okay and some not so good. I wouldn't like to tag anything as bad for I believe that there was worse that could have happened but didn't and for that I am eternally thankful to the Almighty and hence just tagging it as not so good.

Sharing some of the things that helped me sail through these times as they became the wind beneath my wings and helped me soar higher and higher as I took a flight of my own . I am grateful for ~

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  • A dedication like this POEM, words fail me as I try to express how it feels to read this.
  • Having a wonderful friend, mentor, guide, philosopher, teacher, colleague, boss and most importantly a fellow partner when it comes to working on Writer's Ezine. She ensures work never seems like work and fun is just endless! #You know who you are <3
  • Those few handful of people who believe in me, my capacity as a writer and read all that I write so patiently. Had it not been for them, perhaps I wouldn't have bee trying so hard to scribble despite everything. You are my Gibraltar! :)
  • Some right things that have been happening off late. It reminds me that I wasn't wrong all this while in telling myself, " This too shall pass and in the end it will all be fine." The fine things are just peeping in, it seems.
  • Few endings that have happened in the last few weeks. When they happened I was skeptical but now I can see how it is all falling into place.
  • Some new friends I have made in the most unexpected places - hospitals, operation theatre, auto-rickshaws, emails,  etc... It is fun seeing how all that matters is YOU and the moment you are yourself all that you are surrounded with are smiles.
  • The vacation I am on currently. It feels like being back to school days and having summer holidays. Getting up late, watching TV endlessly, reading books till wee hours, listening to music on your headphones and getting lost in a world that's solely yours , eating and just lazily around the whole day in PJs. I cannot tell you how much am I loving it!
  • The lovely belated birthday gifts that are still pouring in even after almost 1.5 months of my birthday! That is some love shower I am loving getting drenched in every moment!
  • Lengthy conversations with your sisters with nothing more than just giggling on some stupid stuff and yet loving every moment of it. The most beautiful part is some of these sisters I have not even met in my life and what connected was initially was just our blogs leading to things which were much beyond that just our blogs.
  • That one soul in this world who goes that extra mile just to ensure a smile on my face under any circumstances.
There are many things that are coming to my mind, big and small but I will keep that for some other post and let it all pile together to create more happiness in abundance as I am learning to do this:

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