Confessions of a Dream catcher

I have always called myself an eternal dreamer and a person who simply loves letters. So when this 30 days-30 letters prompt came up at my friend Count Santulan's blog I was tempted. After too much of dillydallying today when the prompt asked us to write a letter to our dreams, the dream catcher in me JUST had to do it. After almost a brief hiatus there is nothing better than this to come back to blogging :
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Dear You, 

If there is one truth that surpasses every other truth existing in this world then it has to be this –
 ~ I Love You

From the time I can remember, I have been in love with you. Madly, some might say but I call it a love that transcends all other definitions of love. I remember reading books of fairies and charming princes, trying to imagine a happily-ever-after for me all the while I did that. I grew up to realize that such things looked beautiful only in those colourful books that now adorned my bookshelf. And yet I continued to believe in you. I was laughed upon, ridiculed and joked about for believing in you. 

People thought I was mad enough to not leave my fairytale world and face the reality. The truth was I knew the reality well enough and yet I choose to ignore it all for I loved you too much to let you go just like that. I would be lying if I were to say there was not a single moment when I doubted you. Rather there were so many that I have lost my count till now. But amidst all of them the number of times I have wished for you, upon those falling stars is by far larger in count. 

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At times I have found myself wondering why did God create you and the only answer that comes to my mind is the quote “Because He knew you could make it come true!” I remember the day when you broke my heart, so badly that I felt I would die that night. But I didn’t. Rather I came out of it more stronger for all throughout the night as I sat crying by the window all I could hear was your voice ,” Some dreams are meant to die, so that new ones can be built”. I rose the next day hoping to build new ones, loving you with an increased madness. 

 Then that moment when you left me all of a sudden; for a moment it seemed as if the world had come to an end. And that was when you taught me one of the most cherished lessons of life. 

Letting go of a dream is strangely liberating. You are no longer bearing the weight of making if come true. And the day a dream becomes a weight too heavy for you to be borne is the moment you should just let it go for it has ceased being a dream that it. It has manifested itself into something scarier. “ 

As I look back today I realize how you have always been within an arm’s reach, waiting to be touched and come alive. All you asked for was a little bit of faith, hard work and some patience. It wasn’t too much to ask for, if you ask. But for someone it was actually all that they had and to give it all to you was a bit unnerving as a thought. You being the charmer that you are, actually can coax anyone into giving it all.I cannot forget all those lessons of life that you have taught me till now and still continue to every night. Some ugly, some beautiful, they all come together to form LIFE – As I see it, as you keep reminding me what I need to remember always and all ways ~

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From being a dreamer to becoming a believer today my journey seems to have reached a stage where there are new bends waiting for me to turn towards new journey. But none of them can take me away from you, come whatever may. I continue to stride ahead, holding you tightly in my hands as you add meaning to what otherwise I call LIFE. 

Till we meet again tonight, 

Yours forever madly in love 

P.S: I am linking this letter to Iwrite, Count Santulan's blog HERE. If you wish to know more or participate you can hop onto the link and see the other letter prompts for the days to come.

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