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The pink coloured sequined saree wearer whom I met last week
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I am not too sure if you remember me, but I do. To an extent that I am dedicating an entire blogpost to you (and believe me that's an honour reserved for very few!). We met last week and what transpired between us left me with a lot of unanswered questions, not because I never asked them but because you perhaps didn't have any answers to them.

We met after ages I believe and yet the first thought that came to your mind was how grown up I was. Isn't it a bit strange given that fact that particularly you hadn't reverse aged yourself? More so you asked about my age, weight, height, salary and almost every other number that according to you defined me at that moment. I so wanted to tell you, I am much more than those incessant numbers that you are more concerned about.

The moment you commented on my increasing weight my immediate thought was I wish I could share all that I have been going through health-wise which is adding up kilos to my frame without me even eating a proper morsel of food in the last few months. But I realized it didn't matter to you, what mattered to you was you had now got a chance to show off your own doctorial skills acquired through trial and error method through which I could lose weight in a snap.

Gradually you proceeded to educate me about the importance of a domestic life and how a "woman" should actually be, all the while having your darling daughter sit next to you who was the exact opposite of what you were perhaps asking me to be. All I could was just smile and gape in amazement. You never ceased to amaze me all throughout out meeting that day.

When you asked me about my job, I so wanted to show you my books, my blog and my newly acquired camera. I wanted to show you the places I have captured in those pictures and those stories I have woven through my words. Well, that never happened, for you thought THIS wasn't job.

I am sure you might be wondering why am I writing all this to you - it is to just say THANK YOU. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for I learnt a lot of things from your abled guidance. Some very cherished and important lessons which not many can teach. You taught me what I DON'T want to be life and that according to me is a crucial lesson to be cherished forever. And for that I am eternally thankful to you!

Gratefully yours,

P.S: Today's prompt is to write a letter to a stranger. I am linking this letter to Iwrite, Count Santulan's blog HERE. If you wish to know more or participate you can hop onto the link and see the other letter prompts for the days to come.

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