Diary of a Lost Wanderer: Dream on Dreamer


I have always been asked why I say Dream, for they come true and I have a billion reasons to say so. If you have been reading my blog you would have by now witnessed how many things have I managed to strike out from my wish list and if that is not enough I have some more things to share with you. I recently found a diary of mine dating back to my teenage where I found yet another wish list of mine dating back to those days and some things that made me smile. I had written about a visit to an MNC bank with one of my friend (her dad had an account there) and after seeing it all, I had said, “Damn I want to work at such a place ... This is just so amazing!

Well almost after 5 years of that visit I worked there (eerie it may sound but yesss it was the SAME bank), not for months but for 3 long years and loved every bit of it. The learning, the panache... Every moment I was there I was living a dream without remembering that there was a time when I had actually wished for it. I never thought I would work for I was a timid soul then and today I am looking back at a decade of work-ex in the corporate world which has not only made me stronger but also saner and wiser too. I always used to hold books in my hands and stare at them in awe wondering what beautiful people these writers are who make difference to so many lives. I always wanted to make a difference and today my writing helps me do that. I had never ever imagined in my life that I could be getting anonymous emails from people telling me what difference I made to their lives and yes! It is happening today. 
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I had grown up being told a lot about my looks and my nature. It had made me believe that I am an ugly duckling and there is nothing so good about me. I always fantasized how it would feel to be complimented and told “You are beautiful”. Today when someone tells me that I smile, for now I know the real meaning of the word beautiful. I realized that it was me who held the key to it and not the other way round. 

I always wished to be loved for all that I am, the way I am for what I am always and forever. I am living a dream when I say I am blessed to have handful of such people around me who do that without an iota of doubt. They value the real me so much that even in moments of anger when I say I need to change all they tell me is I rock the way I am and that I shouldn’t change even a wee bit. Well the list of dreams come true is really very long and throughout this time I learnt, dreams come true provided you work on them to come true. And if someday some dream doesn’t it doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be, it just means you are not ready for it. Maybe something better is in store for you or maybe it is not the right time for you to have. Just have faith and then everything that your heart desires will be yours. 

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Till then, dream on dreamer the world is waiting to be conquered!

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