Serendipity (Flash Fiction)

The torrid rains tonight remind me of you once again. And as if on cue the local radio station also tunes into your favourite ghazal. My mind travels to one of those many such evenings we had spent together, engulfed in love.

Both of us highly intoxicated in love and music with nothing but our breaths between us. The words mouthed by your favourite ghazal maestro casting their spell with a penchant. And then one stroke of lighting and it all vanished, suddenly just like it had come; it went away quietly leaving some footprints which could never be erased. 


भीनी बारिश की बूंदें और कुछ  सुर्ख यादें ,
उस  मदहोश सी खुसबू मैं सिमटे हुए कुछ ख्वाब ,
चंद महकते लम्हे  सुलगते पल ,
बनते इरादे और कुछ  बिखरे हुए वादे ;
बस यही तो  रह गया है मेरा अपना।
बाकी सब तुम्हारा है और रहेगा।  मैं भी।  

Translation: Few wet raindrops, some dried memories, a handful of dreams wrapped in that mesmerizing smell, some aromatic moments, sultry seconds, concrete decisions and strewn promises - that is all that I have got with me. Rest everything was yours, is and will always be. Even me!


  1. Sigh... that was warm and soooooper romantic!

  2. amazing is what I felt as I read this, how meaningful you have made the lightning and thunders.
    this line "बनते इरादे और कुछ बिखरे हुए वादे" defines almost every moment in solitude or even when in crowd but silently alone.

    1. Thanks so much and yes I agree completely :)

      These words have a lot of hidden meanings in them, tried scribbling in Hindi after a long time and feels good to read such lovely words!

  3. I am, till date, a very unromantic person so from that prospect I will not comment. But you have the power to move the reader with the emotions of your words. ❀

    1. **touched**

      Thank you so much for these lovely words, I truly mean it <3


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