A year later...

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This week it is going to be year I quit my decade old career rather unceremoniously. Not something that I am very proud of, but then I wasn’t left with any choice. You can read the whole story about it HERE. But I do have something I am immensely proud of. 

Last year as I contemplated quitting a full time stable job and stared into nothingness not knowing where it is leading to I never knew the plethora of job options I would have a year later. So here’s a list of things that have happened to me during this one year which make me beam with pride. Needless to add no regrets at all of leaving a well ripe fruit in the right time to sow seeds for more trees to grow in the coming years! 

1. A solo book to my credit: Yes! Metro Diaries happened only after I quit my job and now I am rigorously working on my full-fledged debut novel religiously. 

2. A radio interview / Media coverage for my book: I gave my first radio interview as an author and the feeling was anything less than heavenly! Not to forget the letter of appreciation from the CM followed by reviews in many newspapers about the same. 

3. 5 amazing holidays with so many places off my wish list and one more in the pipeline before this year ends: Now, this is one thing that couldn’t have been possible with a job as one of my holidays lasted for 3 months. I have been having a time of my life, clicked so many pictures and struck off so many things off my wish list. 

4. Painting: I rediscovered my love for painting which was lost in the so called conundrum of life and what better way to inspire me more than having sold my first very painting recently! 

5. New potential: Away from the rigorous routine of daily life I discovered new potential in me which has given birth to AKIRA, a dream I have been working on for quite a while now. (No it is not the name of my solo book!)  But yes you will have to wait for more details. I cannot divulge more!

I also happened to met some amazing people, learnt a lot of new things, added lot of beautiful books to my collection along with a beautiful antique book holder all the way from China to cherish for a lifetime. The weak links finally broke away and the stronger ones got a bit more stronger with time. And life, just moves on further!

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  1. Just beautiful...a treat for your followers!

  2. You sure are an inspiration. Looking forward to you new book :)

    1. Hugs to you and thanks a ton for your lovely compliment. I believe we all are, in some form or other.

      Thank you <3


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