The Keepsake (Flash fiction)

My hair looks so unkempt. It is as if a rat has nibbled them away to glory.” 

No my princess! They look as if you have been on a long camping tour in the hills and just forgotten to cut your hair.” 

She giggled listening to this as he bent to kiss her forehead. They knew her illness was robbing her away of all that she felt was hers, her flawless skin, silky hair and her never ending energy but they also knew that the illness couldn’t rob her of what was hers for keeps, he and his love.


  1. True love never dies . . .
    Blessings, Privy!

  2. Sometimes I wonder if such kind of love really exists in real life but on second thoughts, does...very rare...but it does. May everyone be blessed with such love :)
    Beautifully written dear.


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