Postcards from memories # 12

Today I take you back in time, to a fort to relive history be a part of a story that has been told and yet untold. We are at the Agra Fort today. I love history for me it is a chance to travel back in time and over active creative mind tries to recreate those scenes and envisage all that could be at that time. Let's walk through the walls of this fort and see what history has in store for us:


  1. The ornate arches and filigreed windows allow us to peep into history but many of the stories are embedded into the mute walls. Wish we could hear them.

  2. Hey, I am glad you wrote about it and in 2012, we went to Taj Mahal but passed through Agra Fort. Saw from outside and seems amazing. You've brought me inside.

    1. It is mindblowing!

      The Diwan e Aam and the Diwan e Khas everything speaks of the grandeur of the Mughal era. Simply mindblowing :)

  3. I was spellbound when I stepped in, it was just a couple of days back that I had been there but reading this here brought me inside it again, marvelous piece of architectural genius!


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