Postcards from memories # 10

The morning at Varanasi begins with a delicious smell spreading in the air. Their typical breakfast consists of kachori sabji along with samosas and kachoris. And believe me the picture cannot capture their yumminess quotient. 

Moving onto the beautiful town of Sarnath, I visited yet another Buddhist Monastery there and what I found was much deeper than peace and much profound than love. 

I spent the entire day in this town, meditating in various places and yet everywhere all I felt was peace. Every corner welcoming you with open arms, that not for a single moment I felt I was an outsider who didn't know the rituals to be followed for prayers. What mattered was, what I carried in my heart. And yes, it was full of belief!


  1. Oh, what gorgeous photos, Privy! I felt a sense of peace just looking at them.

    1. Oh Martha you should visit that place sometime to experience it.:)

  2. lovely pics! I <3 kachories!!


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