Silent Whispers ~ A poem

Somewhere in those empty chasms of my soul I hear you,
Whisper my name like before, calling out to me.
In the darkness of the night, my heart is illuminated with your thoughts.
When I feel alienated from myself is when I sense being closest to you.
And just then the light of my being shimmers in between,
Weaving a cobweb of silence yet again around my heart!
The more I try to hold onto your reminiscences the more I am pulled apart.
There is no you, your voice or my name that can be heard any more.
A deafening silence where nothing is audible, not even my own heartbeats.
Life is often the noisiest in its silences.


  1. "Life is often the noisiest in its silences."
    Beautifully crafted poem, Privy. I loved it! Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much Martha, coming from you it means a lot to me!

  2. (Perhaps) you attempted the verses after a long time and needless to say, the wait was worth it...Beautiful verses indeed!!

    1. Oh yes Manish! After a real long time :)

      Thanks so much for your lovely words, they are very encouraging. I will try to write more.

  3. I could so relate to this one right now. Poignantly beautiful.

    1. :)

      Hugs Aathira. thanks a ton for your lovely words!

  4. Lie is often the noisiest true.


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