Diary of a Lost Wanderer: What is love?

Dear Diary,

Today I heard Mamma speaking to someone on the phone. "I love you" she whispered followed by lot of kisses. 

Maria always says we are born out of love, to love one another. Is this what Maria meant when she said we are supposed to love one another?But when Mamma said I love you to someone on the phone I didn't like it. First I thought it is because she never said it to me that I didn't like it but then I realized it would have hurt me had she said to anyone else apart from me ever. 

Since the time school has began this year, all that one hear in my class is love. I wonder what has changed in the summer holidays so drastically that from talking about dolls and dresses we have now began to talk about boys and kisses. They call me a snob because I don't participate in such discussions. Somehow I just don't feel interested in all that talk. 

Hari seems to be only sane person left in the class now. But sadly I cannot talk to him as much as I would have wanted as suddenly people have now began to see us as a boy and girl rather than best friends what we have always been. I fail to understand all this! Why is life so complex and relationships so chaotic. Why for one cannot we have peace by just living and let others live too?

All this in a week made me ponder what is love? Is it when Mary hugs me tightly as she leaves for the day? Or is it when Hari squeezes my hand when I am unable to explain the reason behind my irritated mood to him? Perhaps it could also be the millions of gifts I receive in a year from my parents for every small and big occasion. My heart says is that amazing feeling I get every time I smile looking at my favourite things. My teddy bear, Maria, Hari, my books, my diary, twinkling stars, rains, petrichor, blooming flowers and colours. That for me is love. Am I wrong? 



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