Hopeful Heart

Source: Google Images
Yet again I am lonely today;
Holding onto the colourful memories of the past,
I try to find a tiny flicker of hope buried somewhere deep inside.
The waves & shore play a game of touch & go,  and the grey clouds darken the horizon
Tears blur my eyes as I tighten my grip.
Let go’ my heart screams – my mind refuses to hear its cries and continues to be in a self denial.
How soon the wheels of time turn….
It was just yesterday that I was surrounded by the warm rays,
And today this breeze sends chills down my spine.
Hope is all that I am left with now as I close my eyes.
Clutching my hopes tightly I send a silent prayer to Him to feel the warmth once again.

This post has been published in Kaleidoscope magazine's December issue

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