Share & Realise ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Share

This week one of our family friend’s daughter got engaged. At her engagement party the show stealers were her grandparents. They both were in their 70s and still so much in love with each other. The way they looked at each other and read each other’s thoughts was marvelous.  They had recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last year and they still looked every bit like the newlyweds.

While everyone was having food, I was sitting next to them. I could not resist asking them the secret behind their happy marriage as such charm was difficult to find in all couples. Dadaji (as he is fondly addressed by all) smiled at me and said, ‘The day we got married we decided to share everything including our lives. And that is the reason behind this magic as you see.’ I got confused. I said, ‘But that’s what marriage is all about. Isn’t it?’ 

He replied, ‘That is what every marriage is supposed to be about. But that does not happen. In every marriage one becomes the boss and the other tries to become. That constant struggle for power is what takes away the magic this can create. Sharing both of us a feeling of equality. We both are equally responsible for our children, our house, our families and ourselves too. We survived with this thought all this years. I would be lying if I say everything was just perfect after that. There have been instances in our lives when we have made the mistakes of taking isolated decisions and borne the brunt of it. But we have also learnt our lesson after that. It has seeped in so deep in our system that today if you ask anything to either of us our first reaction would be let’s discuss this, though it could impact only maybe none of us.’

He continued, ‘That’s why we say…’ as he touched Dadiji’s hands,’ We share that’s why we care.’ And I actually for a moment saw Dadiji blush. As Dadaji was talking everybody sitting around us was listening to him. And even after Dadaji was done talking, there was pin drop silence on the table.  

Everybody was looking at each other as if trying to find words to continue the conversation. They all were probably rendered speechless with the simplicity of this secret.  You know sometimes it happens with us that we are in awe of something and feel that knowing its secret would do wonders to our life. And when we hear the secret behind it we feel let down at the simplicity of it. Let down in the sense, we feel this is something we could also have thought about. But we did not. And that ‘but’ is what changes the entire game.

Lesson Learnt : The secret shared by Dadaji in today’s world not only implies to marriages but to all relationships we share.  Like for example in friendship. We want the other person to listen to your views and do in accordance with that. And when that does not happen we are disheartened. Equality in each and every relationship is very important – be it friendship, marriage, lovers…. Etc.


PEPPER ~ This week ~ Realise

I share a very cordial relationship with my boss. Though sometimes he does try to be a typical boss but otherwise things are pretty much fine. The only thing he regrets till date is he never got to select me as a candidate for job. Maybe he misses taking the credit for all the good work done my me!! :o)

Lucky for him very soon his dream came true. There were some new openings at my office and he got to select the candidates.For days together he would go around bragging about his recruitment skills and how he  would always find the perfect candidate who would fit the job role to the T. I don't know if all this was hinted at me, trying to tell me that I took time and learned from my mistakes. But nevertheless I choose not to care and continued with my work.

I gave my best shot in helping the new joinees cope up with the system and settle down here. But sadly today even after 30 days one of them is extremely clueless about everything. She has a constant look of bewilderment on her face making me wonder if she really belongs to this planet at all. And to top of it she also made some serious mistakes resulting into grave consequences for us. My boss realized my real worth after working with her for 2 weeks. Now he has started appreciating me, my work, sending mails to HODs about my work etc etc.

I was wondering, I have worked with him since last 5 years. It took him one wrong recruit to realise my worth. Why is that it takes a bad experience for us to realise the good things we already have in our life?

Lesson LearntRealise and appreciate the good things in your life always. Never let a bad experience unveil them for you.

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