Hope & Worry ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Hope

I know someone who has seen some of the worst times of life and today she is standing strong against all odds. I happened to meet her this week over a cup of coffee for a casual chit chat. The energy that she emits is contagious and 1 hour with her promises a week long quota of positive energy for me. For me she is a true survivor and I look up to her in many ways.

Once in an intimate discussion I happened to ask her, how did you manage to survive at such difficult times?  She simply smiled and replied, ‘I had hope – hope for a better tomorrow when everything will be fine. I knew I was here for some reason and this was not that reason. I knew I had to fight this to overcome this obstacle till I reached the real reason I was sent on this earth. Till today that fight and the quest continues.’

Every time we meet her words constantly ring in my mind as for me they seem to hold the secret to survival in this world. Whenever I feel low or let down by people or circumstances around me I remember her words as they seem to give me strength.  It is so weird that many times we never realize the kind of impact we have on so many people around us and make a difference in their lives. This person is unaware about the magical gift she has given me. Not that I did not try telling her, I have, many times but she simply refuses to believe me.

I dont understand when after a bitter experience people say I cant love anymore or I cant trust anyone again. Meeting someone wrong in your life is like selecting a bunch of grapes out which few turned out to be sour. The question is - Do you stop eating grapes after that?? So after a bad experience how can you not hope any further.

Lesson Learnt: When the grey clouds of uncertainty gather around us we are left with nothing but hope. Hope has the magical ability to help us get through some of the toughest times of our life. Giving the gift of hope to someone is perhaps the thing we could do for them, because of the secret of the universe. Whatever you throw comes back to you. You constantly keep hoping for good and keep throwing such thoughts in the universe, they come back to you and become true.


PEPPER ~ This week ~ Worry

Oh I am so worried. I don’t know what to do.’ I heard my 6 year old cousin exclaiming loudly one day. I was taken aback. Worry, at this age was something completely unheard of at least for me. But then this generation is different I recollected and went to talk to her. I realized that she had a birthday party to attend and she was confused about the gift to her friend and her dress to the party. So much to worry!! :)

I guess we all are like that. For us our problems seem so huge and we tend to worry about it. But when we discuss it with someone they find our problem to be very miniscule. We lose our sleep on some trivial things only to realize that they were never really worth that much time, attention and energy. If someone were to ask you what are you worried about – I am sure each one of us would have some answer to it which will not be ‘NOTHING’. 

Life is beautiful and the beauty of life lies in its simplicity. The more we try to make it complex, the more uglier it gets.So whenever in doubt, remember K.I.S.S [ Keep It Simple Stupid]. We worry about things which we cannot help about, which itself is contradictory to our belief in God and destiny. We say we firmly believe in God and destiny. We will get all that we are destined to and God will take care of the rest. Then why do we worry  because worrying means we are doubting God’s power.

Life is like a bottle of champagne. When you hold it in your hands, what you see is a beautiful bottle full of sparkling water...bubbling...waiting to burst open revealing all that's inside. But if after shaking the bottle the cork is not opened properly the bubbles fizzle out. In the same way life has got so many beautiful secrets for us to unveil every day every moment. The secret of unveiling it is in our hands so that the magic is still retained even after opening of the bottle. And by worrying we are spoiling the fun of enjoying these secrets.

Lesson LearntLife is like being on a swing….there are moments when you triumph and go up on the ladder of success while there are moments when you fall down only to rise again to another height….Just enjoy the ride and keep laughing even when you are coming down as it means that you are soon going to go up again!!!

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