Need & Trust ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Need

In this world there is enough for everyone’s need but not for anyone’s greed.’ – M K Gandhi.

The day I read this quote it struck a chord with me somewhere. Even in my wish list that I have shared here I have expressed a desire to reach a level of satisfaction where I am able to say ‘ENOUGH’. This week I was lucky enough to have met someone who shared similar thoughts.

This person I am talking about is the CFO of a leading pharmaceuticals company. Let’s call him Mr. X. This Monday I had a meeting with him for some official work. While we were discussing work related matters he broached the topic of his retirement. He said he planned to retire after 7 years when he would be 45 and start a wellness centre. He had already bought a piece of land for it and the plantation of trees on it had already begun this year. Since the time he had started earning decently he had started putting away small amounts of sum each month towards his dream of having a wellness centre. 

He smiled as he continued,’ I think so far I have managed to earn well enough to lead a decent life. I don’t think I need more than this. I will quit everything after 7 years and chase my dream of giving back something to the society. I have a daughter who is young and still studying, so in the next 7 years her education will also be completed. There is nothing more that demands me to work further. I earned to provide her a decent education and a humble life to me and my wife. I am sure I have managed to do that so far.’ I smiled when I heard this. Such wonderful thoughts, I also came to know through him that he had experienced wellness centers across the globe but they were extremely costly and beyond a common man’s reach. Only the rich could afford it. He believed that spirituality has nothing to do with one’s economic conditions. Each one of us has the right to awaken our spiritual side and explore it. His wellness centre is going to be centered on this thought of providing the best services to each and everyone irrespective of caste, creed, religion and economic standards.

Very rarely do we come across such wonderful human beings in our daily life who are so enthusiastic about chasing their dreams in life. Apart from his generosity what also struck me was his passion to pursue his dreams. This is one of the major reasons I love my job so much. I get to meet so many interesting people every day who teach me some of the most priceless lessons of life.

Lesson Learnt: This incident taught me two things. Firstly it is never too late to chase your dreams.  You need to fuel your passion and work towards its fulfillment. Sometimes it might take years for you to see the results, but in the end it is always worth it. 

Secondly sometimes in life we reach a stage where we need to fall out of the rat race and stop chasing materialistic happiness all our lives.  Emotional and spiritual satisfaction is also important.


PEPPER ~ This week ~ Trust

Surbhi held Rekha’s hand and squeezed it,’Don’t worry so much. I am sure everything will be fine…. You need to be strong and keep yourself calm during this. Don’t take any irrational decisions hastily. And call me if you need me anytime.’ Rekha wiped a tear rolling out of her eye, ‘Thanks so much Surbhi. This really means a lot to me. ‘. Both of them left the coffee shop for their respective homes. Once Rekha was out of her sight Surbhi immediately took out her mobile phone to dial a number, ‘Hello? Dhara….Ha she just left. You know what happened……’ Her voice got drowned in the honking of cars and passing traffic. In that one moment, trust was broken somewhere, a hoping heart got shattered and the tiny flicker of faith that had just got ignited was doused. 

I am sure each one of us has experienced breaking of trust sometime in our life through some of our close loved ones. It is really sad that for some people trust is not at all important. Perhaps they don’t realize that out of all the people in this world someone choose to trust them and they did not even waste a second in breaking that trust. I fail to understand the intentions of people who do this.  Every time I come across such people I am tempted to ask them what they derive out of all this. I am very much confident that even they don’t have the answer to this.

And you know the sadder part is that a few people do this and get away but the people whom we meet after them bear the brunt of this. We become cautious and are careful in trusting anyone. Sometimes we even make the mistake of not trusting them at all even though that person could be extremely genuine. I believe our trust is one of the most precious gifts we could give to anyone. The only problem is we sometimes fail to recognize whether that person is worthy of it or not. Many a times by the time we realize it, it is too late. 

Lesson Learnt‘I trust you’ is as important a statement as ‘I love you’. Mean it when you say it and when someone says it to you please try to live up to that persons expectations as it hurts badly each time a trusting or a loving heart is broken.

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