A special birthday wish ~ From Me to you

Today, someone very special in my life celebrates her birthday. This post is my birthday gift for her.

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Dear Angel,

Happy birthday Princess 

Wishing you many many happy returns of the day - may all your wishes come true, today, tomorrow and always! AMEN

I always want you to remember you hold a very special place in my heart. Though I have not given birth to you, I have written this letter like a mother because this is what I feel for you. Maybe there is some invisible umbilical cord which binds us together. We don't know what tomorrow has in store for us, but I promise you ~ you were, you are and will always remain my Princess forever!

I remember the day clearly when the doctor had given you to me for the first time. You were so delicate and fragile with tiny hands and feet. The moment you opened your beautiful eyes and looked at me I was smitten. I could have traded anything in this world for that one look of yours. For many months I was very protective about you and guarded you ferociously like a mother hen. But gradually I realized this habit of mine could be very harmful for both of us in future. That day I decided to be your pal.

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I did not forget that you were still very delicate and fragile as I held your hand firmly when you took your first steps to explore this world. We have come a long way from there and today you have turned 18. This is an age where you don't need me anymore completely but you cannot even leave me completely. As a pal I can completely understand this feeling well. Today as you step into this world all by yourself I want to share a few things with my buddy from my own experience of being an 18 year old.

It is fun to be considered an adult now but remember being an adult comes with loads of responsibilities. You are crossing the threshold of being a teenager and entering into youth, which is very alluring. I know you must be excited imagining all the changes you are going to undergo from now on. And I am sure a part of you is scared.....scared of the unknown and the uncertainties of future. At any step in this journey if you feel tired, lost or scared just look back once - I will be there behind you in every step that you take, promise.

In this journey you will fall in and out of love,experience few important lessons, learn and unlearn the rules of this game, meet some wrong and right people, get hurt - remember all this is important in this process of knowing and growing. Remember each one of us comes in this world with a right to exist. Never let anyone snatch that right away from you. Unfortunately if someday you face a time where you don't have that right anymore do everything you can to get it back.

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Face everyone out there with a smile. You are nothing more or less than them. You all are like athletes standing at the starting line before the beginning of a race. Each one will give his/ her best to compete but only the best will win.  You might fall and hurt yourself in this race. Cry if you wish for while but brace yourself to begin the running again or you will be left behind in this race.

Sometimes you might win, sometimes you might lose. Don't lose heart, remember all this is a part of this race.  There might be occasions you  would be hurt very badly and might not have the capacity to get up again. It is at such times that your real strength will be put to test. Give your best shot in everything that you do always irrespective of the output.

I want you to understand not everyone is good or bad. You might meet some people who are both and none too. Don't let such things deter you from your goal. Keep chasing your goal till you have achieved it. Also, remember loving-living-laughing are a part of this wonderful journey. For some moments in between pause and cherish the moments that life will bring your way through these doors.

You are like a bird standing on the edge of a cliff, waiting to explore the world on its own. Darling, just spread your wings and fly...... search for your own sky and as someone has said ' Why just touch the sky when you can rule it?'

Today as you spread your wings to take a flight of your own,I gather all my might to wave a bye.
Sending warm hugs and love along,Hoping you succeed in everything you dream of.

Loads of love, happiness and hugs

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