Grow & Teach ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Grow

As we keep growing in age we also grow in terms of maturity and understanding. We learn so many things as we continue meeting people and keep experiencing various things. In the process of growing  we have two options  - either we grow as a creeper or a tree. 

Creeper as we all know needs constant support to keep growing while a tree stands tall for itself. Same ways some of us need people's support to grow while some of us are lone warriors who grow like a tree without any support. There is nothing wrong in being either of them. As for each one of us there are circumstances where we have support of our family and loved ones to grow while sometimes we are all alone to fight our own battles. Its the transition from a being a creeper to a tree that causes us a lot of pain and grief as till now we were used to support and when suddenly we lose it we don't know how to handle things without it. It is a difficult situation for one to be in but it surely leaves us more stronger.

Lesson Learnt: Sometimes it is good to be a creeper but sometimes life commands us to be a tree; and leaves us with no option.


PEPPER ~ This week ~ Teach

It is said that a child's psyche is fully developed by the time he/she is 5 years old. Till the age of 5 they are like wet slabs of cement. Everything we do or say leaves an everlasting imprint on them.What a child learns in this time is what defines most of the habits we have as individuals. We see our father saying ,' I don't like this vegetable...make me something else' We interpret there is an option called dislike which can be used and you can get whatever you want. Result-  the child becomes fussy about food.The child sees us discussing people in derogatory terms and concludes they are bad based on our opinion. They we talk with our partner, friends and family decides the way the child behaves with them.

The major concern in this whole issue is when the child grows up and we start criticizing them for their habits without realizing we lay the base for this.  We sowed the seeds of these things  and now we are bearing its fruits. It is wrong to expect our child to be something we are not because the child leads by example. He/she believes what he sees and does what he believes. After so many years it is difficult to change the roots as it could mean uprooting the tree completely.

Lesson LearntTeach your child to be rationale and let him/her form their own opinions. In front of your child be the adult you want them to be.

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