Learn & Loss ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Learn

Loving and learning is something we are taught from the day we are born. We learn how to talk, listen, feel, eat, walk and gradually the lessons get more and more tough. We are told that we should love everyone around us and be nice to them. The sad thing is we are not taught when to stop. 
While teaching us so  many things someone should have told us that there are a few questions in life which have no answers. Nobody told us about the mysterious ways of life which could confuse us. They should have informed us about the lessons life has also got to taught. To learn which we sometimes need to forget many things we might have learnt till now. 
Sometimes we love someone and get hurt in return. Whey they were talking about love, why did not anyone talk about this hurt. They should have mentioned this and taught us how to stop loving that person thereby saving ourselves further hurt. But the old lessons which we learnt from childhood are so deeply imbibed that it takes ages for us to learn these new lessons that life is throwing our way.Just like' start' is important in life; so is 'stop'. But we need to stop before the damage is beyond repair.

Lesson Learnt: Learning is a way of life and Life- the world's best teacher. To learn some new lessons we sometimes have to unlearn some older lessons before it is too late.


PEPPER ~ This week ~ Loss

This week I experienced a loss - a loss of something very precious to me to death. It is not that this was the first time I was watching death so closely. I have witnessed many of my dreams die and this was one such dream. You might think I am being foolish but for me the death of a dream is equally painful and traumatic. 

I took so much pains to nurture that dream and bring it till here. Day and night all my thoughts were centered around it and suddenly one fine day it went phhhuuuuuffff. It simply vanished into thin air, from where it had come. To say it hurt would be a small word to describe the pain I felt at that time. 

Amidst all the beauty associated with life, there lies a bad facet of life which has a very painful side. This painful side involves hurt, anguish, grief, pain, heartbreak, injury, loss and lament. This journey which starts with a wound always ends up in scars. The scars could be of three types of scars:
  • PhysicalOnes which you get when you are injured by any accident / fight, which leads to blood shed.
  • Emotional Ones which you get when you are hurt by a loved one or through any disappointment you might come across in life like heartbreak, failure, a dream which didn’t come true etc.
  • MentalOnes which you get when you are shocked with something that has happened in your life leaving you with a fear or a phobia.
Whenever I experience any of these types of injury, I treat it like any physical wound. Give it ample time to heal completely. Do all that I can to ensure proper recuperation. Cry if I need to. Lament my grief or hurt; but once it’s healed, let go of all the pain and hurt. I cherish the scars, because scars are beautiful. They are gifts from life in the form of some lessons learnt, though the hard way. They taught me something and remind me where I have been ; the hurdles I have crossed to be where I am today.

Lesson LearntLosing something in life hurts a lot and leaves us scarred. Never be ashamed to flaunt your scars; because it’s better to have done and failed rather than have never done at all !!

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