Achieve & To be ~ This Week

SALT ~ This week ~ Achieve

Three years ago when I began this journey with this blog I just knew one thing – I wanted to WRITE not because I could but because I needed to. As it was the only thing my soul resonated to with a music that was unmatched for. Even today I have been often told that the moment I begin talking about my blogs, my writing there is a shine in my eyes and a huge smile on my face. Maybe it is because it is something that comes straight from my heart. 

These three years have been exceptional in every possible manner if I can say so. From writing about anything on this earth to knowing that I can write a particular genre and that too believingly well. From 0 to 112 followers here, some 10k amazing comments so far, 460+ posts and almost 1.5 lakh footsteps gracing this place it surely is overwhelming. 

If someone were to ask what I achieved so far, apart from all this my published work speaks for itself. But if I were to answer that question I would say THIS is what I achieved: 

When :

  • Someone says they began blogging because of me. 
  • I am told I inspire and anytime they are having a bad time they just need to visit my blog to make them feel better. 
  • A message like this hits my inbox: Your recent post – it felt as it was written for me. Thank you so much, needed to hear this! Taking a printout to remind myself time and again. 
  • Someone confesses - The way you write about love made me see that I am surrounded by love in real life, it’s just that I could not recognize it. 
  • After reading my story I am told – You write love stories so beautifully, makes me want to fall in love. 
  • I meet a blogger friend only to find the extent to which I have made an impact as I see everyone knows me from her office colleagues, boss, neighbours, friends, family!! 
  • I receive an email which mentions how my blog has been read in 3 flat days and touched them enough to write to me. 
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… the list is long but yes this is my real achievement for this is what I always wanted to do – touch hearts, make a difference and leave a smile. I just hope and pray I am able to do this forever and ever! 

Lesson Learnt: It feels sad when you are defined by your achievements but it is a pride when you define your achievements 

PEPPER ~ This week ~ To be 
This last few months have been harrowing. And I learnt too many lessons during that time like always. But some unforgettable ones have left a mark on my heart and soul. The biggest one is this: Till the time you say yes you are good, the moment you say no you are termed as useless, selfish along with all its synonyms. I concluded that being YOU is a huge challenge in this world which we need to face each day and not let anything change it. People who love you will accept you and let you be, people who don’t do that – well you know where they belong in your life. 

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Lesson learnt: To be or not to be shouldn’t be an option. It should be a choice that you make, for no one else by yourself.

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