Will you cry?

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Will you cry if I smile and wave a goodbye?
Days turn into weeks and weeks into months without any sight of change;
Time promised to be a healer and yet lived beyond its range.
Bits and pieces lie scattered all around, the only remnants of what was;
A pinch of truth – a fistful of life I try to gather and suddenly pause…
Will you cry if I scream and say no more can I try?

A bleeding heart and a screaming soul conjuring pain like never before;
Ebbs and tides – tides and ebbs perhaps it’s now time to touch the shore.
Holding onto all that I have – having no other choice;
I stride ahead into the unknown with a slight rejoice.
Will you cry if I smile to hide my tears feeling shy?
Looking for an answer to every question that comes to my mind;
I hug tightly all that I have right now memories of every kind.
Stumbling trembling I walk on the path that life drew;
And look behind one last time to ask a question to you ~
Will you cry if I leave it all and just die?
P.S: This poem has been published in Writer's Ezine , April 2014 issue.

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