Metro Diaries - Her: An Attempt

Shrey entered the room and collapsed on the bed with a loud thud. A strange sense of emptiness had engulfed him today since morning. He just didn’t feel like doing anything apart from sitting and brooding about what had been and how it had been. His heart had a deep longing from within with a want that could be sufficed only by her... “She” was the only thing on his mind today.
He caressed the empty space next to him on the bed lovingly, half expecting her to come alive from nowhere. He began to blush remembering how it felt to hold her in his arms and watch her fall asleep. It felt surreal holding her, caressing her face, removing those tiny wisps of hair softly and kissing her forehead lightly enough to not wake her. Till then he didn’t know what it meant to just look at someone and smile.

P.S: This post has been removed as it has been chosen to be a part of a book. 
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