My Happiness Journal

Sometime in the month of November I had written a post called Happiness is making a happiness list of your own and it made me realise how each one of us has so many reasons to smile every day and yet we ignore them.

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As I had written in the post I have been writing all the reasons that I should keep smiling and more often than not this list in itself becomes a reason to smile. Sharing some of my reasons with you, in a hope to remind you some of your own and if nothing else then perhaps just make you smile for a moment!


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• Writing your first ever editor’s note. ( Read it HERE)

• Having a post like THIS dedicated to you!

• Reading a comment like this on your blog - Trust me your are the reason I m blogging followed by a post like THIS.

• Striking off things from your wishlist.

• Adding new things to your wishlist .

• Being complimented on your writing “You write so beautifully about love that it makes me want to fall in love all over again!

• To know that you are loved without any reasons.

• Meeting a long lost friend and being hugged so tightly that it melts away all the years in between.

• Being complimented for something you never realised you had. – “Your stories have a soul in them

• Becoming healthy slowly yet steadily after almost a year of illness.

• Being able to write after a long time just when you had concluded that it’s all gone.

• Listening to some of your favourite songs as you fall asleep after a long tiring day.

• Letting off the guilt of something you shouldn’t have been having in the first place.

• Knowing the real face of someone whom you called “friend”

• Dreaming about your loved ones and waking up with all smiles!

• Having one moment when YOU feel proud of your ownself.

• Pinching yourself as you a dream turn into reality.

• Being kissed on your forehead to remind you precious you are.

• Receiving amazing books for review!

• When someone says I care and means it too.

• Being able to stand firmly on your New Year Resolution for almost 3 months!! ( Gives me hope that I will sail through)

• Receiving a trophy at your work place which says “Outstanding Customer Service Award

• Reading amazing reviews on your books and grinning all throughout.

• Meeting a loved one and being hugged so tightly that screams to say I need you.

• Knowing that come whatever may there are few things and few people in your life that will always be there – by you, with you and for you – no matter what!

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I wish you unprecedented JOY always and Do wish me LUCK as I gather more reasons all the way !
Happy Smiles :)

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