Just another day!

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Anika stared at her watch half in anger and half in desperation. “Late by 45 minutes!” she fumed as she started rummaging her handbag looking for her cell phone. She began typing a message furiously when she suddenly remembered their last fight few days back.
It is always about you! Never about me! Or us! “She had screamed at him. A strange silence had followed that allegation. His voice which was towering hers till now had suddenly got lost somewhere in the unknown abyss that seemed to grow between them.
There is no me without you and there is no us that can exist!” He finally seemed to have found his voice.
Now it was her turn to go speechless as all the anger in her heart just melted away with the warmth of love. Just the thought of it right now and she began smiling when her phone beeped,
I know you are angry but to show that anger you will have to meet me. Come down, I am standing downstairs waiting for you both (you and your anger)
Her smile became a bit more wider as she read this, but before she could reply another message hit her inbox:
I know you are smiling! Someone had told me once, if you manage to make a girl smile consider she is love with you. But every time you smile it’s me who falls in love with you a little more than before!”  
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She rushed down the stairs, directly into his arms just to remind herself what it felt to love and be loved.
LIFE is full of ups and downs and it is LOVE that helps us go through them,
As long as love is the base anything built on it surely stays strong and long!
Love triumphs, always and all ways  <3

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