Just Believe

Source: Google Images

Sometimes I want to tell the world who am I;
And then I wonder will I be heard?
I am a heart that wants to dream in every beat.
I am a song which wants to play through every trance
 I am a story that wants to be told.
I am the secrets held in the rustling winds which want to be heard.  
I am a soul wanting to be loved in every breath.
In a place called heart, through a lane called memories;
I hide myself beneath the tree of wishes surrounded by shadows of hope.
Shedding tears in silence and letting it all go,  
Freeing my heart from the clutches of guilt, I just go with the flow.

I hope ~I pray ~I wish
 Someday it will all be fine,
I will be held like never broken before and the stars will once again shine
For all I can do is Just Believe!

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