I wish ~ Flash Fiction

I saw him today. That one moment and all those thousand thoughts running in mind went kaput and the only thought left was, “I loved him.” Felt weird to even hear but then that was the truth.
Not every long ago his face was the only thing my eyes kept looking for all around. And today his face was so lost amongst all those strangers that it was difficult to recognise him for a moment. Was it really him my heart questioned to which my mind replied with a very firm yes. But then why did he look like a stranger today. He had finally removed the mask of love today perhaps.
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I remembered those brown eyes through which I always felt beautiful and those tender hands within which I felt the safest. He always held my hand tightly; worried that someone might hurt me. Not knowing that it was his hands that were hurting me the most. The pain he gave me had become a habit for me, so much so that it ceased being a pain. It had taken the form of love for me, another way of expressing that I belonged to him. His over possessiveness felt like care and his hawk like eyes that followed me 24*7 defined concern. I felt I was the most loved person on earth till that fateful day when he revealed me all the lies my life was surrounded with.

He proved it to me that every time he said I love you, the I kept getting stronger and the you weaker with love vanishing bit by bit every day. I wasn’t cared for, I was obsessed about. And love, well that never was, for after all I was just another choice in his life. That is the day when I made a choice – a choice of choosing me over him as that is what he had taught me – ‘I’ matters the most, nothing else does.
I wish he understood what love truly meant.
I saw her today. She still looked the same, beautiful and untouched by the ugliness of the life around her. “I loved her “my heart mused as a smile began to form on my lips. That was a lie for sure; “I still love her”, my heart quipped. I cared for her and wanted her to mine always.
She felt I was possessive about her. I wanted to protect her from this big bad world, but for her it was suffocation.
I loved her. I truly did. But she felt I didn’t.
I wish she understood what love truly meant.

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