Inspired Inscribes -30

Life is made up of some amazing this and that moments - a pinch of hope, a sprinkle of tears with huge helpings of love is what makes it a tasty dish to be savoured in each bite (read: breath!).

As I look back at the year that has been so far I can only smile and send a special THANKS to Him for bestowing me with so many wonderful things to be smile about. He ensured that there were so many things I could strike off from my wish list:
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  •  Become an editor for an online magazine - Writer's Ezine is the answer He sent to this one. And today as I saw the second issue I shed tears of joy for I was overwhelmed. The love and support it has gathered till now is simply wonderful. I feel immensely proud month on month as I write my Editor's note before embarking on the journey of reading the entries, editing and selecting them for that month's issue.   
  • Be interviewed as an AUTHOR - Yes! It is HERE for each one of you to read. It is a very emotional moment to see myself there, talking about something I love the most- writing.
  • Have a website of my own - I felt there is a long way to go till I reached this stage but He sent the answer to this one in form of Arti who not only re-instilled the faith that NOW is the time but also designed it for me. Check it our HERE
  • Become hale and hearty soon - Having tested my physical capabilities for so long finally He has answered my wish ( though not completely yet!)  
  • Never let go of what you love - Having written some 1200+ blog posts ( the total number of both my blogs) the madness still continues . 
  • Restarting two segments on my blog - Daily Inspirations and Inspired Inscribes were two segments I loved writing the most and yet had stopped for more than a year. You guessed it right, they are back again!
The list is long but all through this He just whispered in my ears - Dream, make a wish for they come true, if not now then sometime in future but they surely do!

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