Drought (55 Fiction)

Source: http://images.indiatvnews.com

A single tear hung on her eye lashes, unaware about the avalanche that was about to follow. It hurt but it was better to be raped every night and still be alive rather than be hungry and dead. She suppressed her sobs, the drought that had hit her village had to reach her eyes too.


  1. It's so powerful and left me shocked, the sad reality.

    1. Thanks so much Vishal, it is surely a huge compliment for I tried my hand at 55 fiction after a long time and I am glad it came out well with the much needed shock at the end :)

      And yes the reality is definitely very sad, in Gujarat I am reading in newspapers daily of such numbers and it hurts... very much :(

  2. Oh, this hurt so much to read, but is a sad reality for too many women.

  3. Subtle and strong. Powerful few words.


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