My quest ( A poem)

Tonight as I stare at the stars, 
A strange silence engulfs me. 
There was a time when those stars had lots of questions for me, 
And I was speechless, with no answers. 
They would poke fun at me, laugh, and ridicule.
 I would just stand there, knowing not what to do. 
To every star that fell from the sky, I would ask a why. 
Why is that I have no answers with me? 
Do you know the answers, can you share with me? 
But there was never a reply. 
For hours together I would look at the endless field of blue and pray to be a part of it too. 
Today the skies broke open after ages, To shed few tears with me in agony. 
And then hide me in their embrace, away from this all. 
That is when I heard that voice. 
Feeble at first and then stronger with every passing word. 
She seemed to know all the answers that my heart ached for. 
The embrace was never broken till I had had my share. 
I could smell the peace in the air long after the storm had subsided.
And I knew tonight there will be no more questions.

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