Underestimate & Benefit of doubt ~ This week

SALT~ This week ~ Underestimate 

Recently on my birthday a friend of mine tagged me in a picture on Facebook which was visible to her other friends as well. Later as she told me there was a colleague of hers who asked her about me, stating that she had heard about me from her other friends and had been reading my blog silently. But she didn’t know that my friend knew me so closely. 

This came in as a surprise to me when I came to know that someone who is a complete stranger for me has read my work, knows me and comes to my blog to have a good read. When I had begun writing my only desire was to touch a heart and make a difference in one life. 

When I read about such incidents, anonymous comments / emails I feel that 4.5 years down the line I have succeeded. Though not entirely, for there is a long way to go from here but yes a beginning it is. 

Lesson Learnt: Never underestimate your own power, if you decide to you can move mountains.


PEPPER ~ This week ~ Benefit of doubt 

Time and again I have always written about how I have lost loved ones to both death and life. I like to call it like that for life also plays tricks to distance you from your loved ones. Some misunderstandings crop up in a manner that there is no return from that point. Like what happened few weeks ago. A very dear friend tried reaching me (again unfortunately on my birthday!) since morning. I was travelling on that day and hence was in poor network. Just to add, she knew about my travel plans well in advance. She might have made some 13-15 calls and was unable to reach me due to constant call drops and network jam. 

After a while she conveniently assumed that I don’t wish to speak to her and decided to end her friendship on that day stating that she had a lot of surprises for me but because I choose to hurt her like this I don’t deserve her friendship. And after reading that I didn’t know who was more hurt, her or me. I tried explaining my situation to her the next day when I was back but she simply refused to listen to anything. Just like that, I lost yet another friend. 

Lesson Learnt: In relationships at least once give that person benefit of doubt. Everything that meets your eye need not be the truth and all that is hidden need not be lie either.

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