Metro Diaries: Touch

Snigdha stood in front of the mirror staring at her reflection. She mentally traced the outline starting from the top of her head slowly coming down to her ears, her slender neck right to her shoulders. She was trying to recreate his touch like this. The way he had outlined her face, those tender features and stared into those deep dark brown eyes before bending down to claim her mouth. It sent her in a dizzy even now as she thought of it. 

She didn’t remember last when she had experienced a human touch like this. Was it when the sabzi-wallah had brushed across her fingers while tendering change or that seemingly innocent push as she got into a crowded bus? Her body ached for a touch that spoke of love and care, of want and desire and that wasn’t just a touch. 

She didn’t want to think of her mother, who hugged her daily as she left for work or for that matter of Vishal, her ex-husband who touched her in the name of making love but it feel more savage than that. His name made her smile, for it was long she had even thought of him and today he coming up in such a manner was surely funny. Of all days today, when finally Snigdha had crossed that threshold of being what she was supposed to be and had finally become what she wanted to become. And then just like that she broke down. First tear rolled out of her very slowly as if marking out the area before the whole dam broke down. Though her eyes were crying her lips had a smile dancing on them. 

Today she felt complete, for having been wanted by a man in a way she always desired. Every place that had been touched by him was on fire right now as if narrating a story of its own as to what had happened between the closed doors of that dingy hotel room. Strangely it didn’t feel wrong. 

She had known him barely for few months now and could clearly read desire in his eyes every time they were together. Till now she was known for her strict ways in dealing with the opposite sex when it came to official matters but with him, she melted down like a wax statue. She didn’t know why or rather she didn’t want to why. All she knew was it felt good, to be touched like this.

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