THE WORLD – Then & Now

What is the world?
A child would say – a ball,
An aspiring youth will say – a vast place of opportunities.
An adult would say – the birthplace of various technologies.
An old man would say – a globe of experiences.
But I would define it as a cobweb where everyone is entangled in some problem or the other!
Everyone is unhappy ---
Some with money, some without money.
Some with job, some without job.
Some with love, some without love.
Some with everything, some without everything.
I remember the joyous days of primitive life.
Life of ignorance,
But still life full of happiness,
Man’s progress has brought jealousy, hatred and other such evils with it,
Real happiness has been lost amidst all these!
“Survival of the fittest” has become “survival of the richest”!
Money, money everywhere,
Happiness happiness no where!
Now tell me ---
“What is the world?”

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