Can anyone tell me….WHY???

Why are some hopes broken beyond repair; Why are some dreams so full of despair.
Why does the heart still cry for someone who has gone beyond reach; 
Why don’t we see what life has got to teach.
Why does a glimmer of hope seem to be a mirage;Why to face the reality we need so much courage.
Why can’t we just smile and move on; Why does the mourning continue to go on.
Why do we need a person to rely; Why don’t we spread our wings and fly.
Why don’t we see the world beckoning us with arms spread so wide; 
Why do we keep looking for covers to hide.
Why are we surrounded by “well wishers” in disguise; Why don’t we just dust the clothes and rise.
Why don’t we see the world in bright new lights; Why don’t we take ourselves to newer heights.
Why are the colours of life so fake; Why can’t we just live it all for our own sake.
Why does the hurt ache so much; Why can’t we cure it with a Midas touch.
Bring out the colours to paint the sky; “Live the life of your dreams”- just give it a try.
See the world with a kaleidoscope; Full of colours and full of hope.

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