I wonder......WHY???

Why is there so much hatred with so little love?

Why are there more reasons to cry with so few to laugh?

Why is there so little joy against so much pain?

Why do we give so much hurt and so less hugs?

Why do we see less of generosity against all the greed?

Why are we all surrounded with shattered hopes than beautiful dreams?

Why are we carrying the burden of a turbulent past rather than the flame of a hopeful tomorrow?

Why are we scared of death than enjoying life?

Why are we so busy in our lives than cherishing every moment?

Why are we sick and tired of things and not happy and hopeful about them?

Why do we want and not need?

Why are we so much in despair and not hopeful?

Why do we hate so many and love so few?

Why do we cling to others rather than standing up for ourself?

Why do we die even before we are dead and not live when we are alive?

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